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Photo credit: Netflix



Of course kids want to countdown to the new year, and, of course, parents know the chances of little ones actually making it to midnight are pretty slim so Netflix is giving everyone what they want with an on-demand countdown.

King Julien from the animated show, All Hail King Julian, hosts a countdown parents can stream at any time New Year’s Eve so kids can ring in 2015 and still get to bed at a relatively decent hour.

King Julien and an animated line-up of dancing lemurs provide three minutes of lead-up to the “big event.”

According to the announcement posted on the company’s website, about one-third of parents were planning to use a countdown from another time zone or fake a countdown so children could participate in the hype.

“For the first time, King Julien will host his very own kid-sized countdown “special” on Netflix that families can use to ring in 2015 whenever they choose to celebrate,” the release reads.

Netflix members in the U.S., Canada, Latin America, the United Kingdom, Ireland, the Nordics, the Netherlands and France can download the King Julien countdown starting Monday.