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7e31dd83db2fd5cce5b35eee0c6c8d7aRacine County Eye readers weren’t shy about how they felt about Governor Scott Walker’s State of The State address, which he gave last night.

Walker asked state Legislators to nix the requirement that school districts have to follow Common Core standards, cut the size of government by merging state agencies, and reduce property taxes. Click here to read the entire transcript of the 2015 State of the State Address.

But here’s what several Racine County Eye readers had to say on our Facebook page.

William LoppHe stated he wants to hold schools more accountable….. that’s not the problem .. the parent aren’t parenting .. they aren’t raising there kids with morals any more… they are not showing there are consequences for actions .. they aren’t helping there kids with home work …”

Caledonia KiddIs his term up yet. Wisconsin seems to be lagging behind the rest of the nation in progress out of the Great Recession since he took office. Education has suffered the most. I’ll have to watch the address to see if he is going to continue tearing our education system apart be defunding it in various ways.”

Pete TownsonYou rock brother. I voted for you 3 times I’m proud to say. And I didn’t vote for Obama twice I’m even prouder to say.”

Cory KovacikFunny how everyone loved how he balanced the budget and couldn’t stop talking about it. But here we are with another Un-balanced budget. Guess people can’t see he’s just funneling tax dollars to his high-class buddies. Oh I forgot its to the job creators lol.

James KloehnI don’t understand why the charter schools are not held to the same standards as the public school system – even though the charter schools can refuse admittance to lower scoring children when public schools cannot.”

Laura CovelliDiscipline in schools has gone down the hill. I watched amazing programs helping labeled students get cut and class sizes grow and when there are instructional days or in service the $ isn’t there to get appropriate training and help the school and teachers. Public schools around here scare me and I witnessed first hand the destruction the past 3 yrs. Teachers as well as administrators do not have a voice as with many other professions that used to be viewed as most important for our health and safety.”

Nicole MathisI would vote for him anytime. I’m glad he’s my governor. If your that mad, move. Or run for office yourself and see if you can fix the entitled attitude that people seem to have. Why is the failures of a public school system only being laid on his doorstep? Everyone wants the government to hand out benefits and take care of things for them but they want cops to leave them alone. Hilarious”


Denise Lockwood has an extensive background in traditional and non-traditional media. She has written for, the Milwaukee Business Journal, Milwaukee Magazine and the Kenosha News.