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Editor’s Note: This article contains opinion and commentary by the author.

Preparing, serving and cleaning up meals at the Hospitality Center is work; joyful work, to be sure, but still work.

Volunteers get started early organizing ingredients and dividing tasks among themselves. Extra volunteers are put cheerfully to work chopping, washing, and cooking. Center participants gather eagerly outside the kitchen, drawn by the sounds and smells drifting into the hall.

On Thursday, homemade tacos with all the fixings, rice, beans and fruit salad were on the menu, and they were a hit with volunteers and participants alike.

Ladies who regularly volunteer at the Hospitality Center greeted several participants by name and asked after their health. There were jokes with one participant about supporting the Packers and a late plate fixed for a young woman who ran in from class at Gateway and asked if there were any clothes left she might look through.

Volunteers are still needed during mealtimes; lunch is served Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday and there is a weekly Monday dinner as well. Call Rev. Kevin Stewart at (414) 405-5619 if you are interested in donating your time at the Hospitality Center.

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