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3716880c82b03a1fb7dfe27c1a1b2aa0The third phase for Siena On The Lake, which included building independent living units for seniors, has now been put on hold due to lagging pre-sales for its apartments and increased costs from building phase II, said Jean Mullooly, director of communications for the Racine Dominicans.

The Siena on the Lake project included a $45 million senior living campus to be built in three phases by Siena Partners, a partnership between the Sisters of St. Dominic (Racine Dominicans) and Lincoln Lutheran of Racine, Inc. (LLOR). The Siena Center campus is located at 5635 Erie St. in Caledonia.

The first phase, which included tearing down several existing buildings on the campus, was completed in 2013. The second phase, which includes the skilled nursing facility and assisted living/memory care residences, is expected to be completed in July. However, the Siena on the Lake Board of Directors voted not to move forward with the third phase of the project because they hoped to have 64 apartments reserved, but only had deposits for 41 apartments.

“Due to slow sales and increased expenses during the construction of Phase II (the skilled nursing facility and assisted living/memory care residences), and with input from numerous consultants, the board believes it necessary to delay Phase III. The board is focused on completing Phase II and having its operations ready and stabilized,” according to a statement from Siena On The Lake.

Mullooly pointed out that the Racine Dominicans are in the “process of unwinding” its partnership with the Lincoln Lutheran, which is in receivership; however, that matter is “a totally separate issue” from the decision to not move forward with building phase III of the project.

“If they do not have a partner to share costs, future planning may evolve differently that the board’s earlier plans,” Mullooly said. “The board is exploring various options. If the Sisters join with another partner in the future, perhaps Phase III will go forward, but all (of) that is unknown at this time.”

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