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Pipes Down Under 2

A pool pipe repair company from Illinois will soon call Racine its home.

Pipes Down Under, LLC, is moving from Schaumburg, IL, to the Racine Business Center, 1405 16th Street. The company assembles and distributes trenchless pool pipe repair kits so pool owners can repair underground pipes without expensive retrenching.

A press release from Racine County Economic Development Corporation says Pipes Down Under holds 14 domestic and international patents and has overcome seasonal slumps by tapping into a growing export market.

Expansion plans include adding commercial installers for utilities and municipalities, company Owner Bill Cosban said.

“Our products and ingenuity provide a solid foundation to expand and service other underground or inaccessible needs, including ecological disaster prevention such as oil and sewer leaks that can devastate our land, streams, rivers, lakes and oceans,” he added.

Racine Mayor John Dickert welcomed Cosban and Pipes Down Under by noting the employment opportunities the business will provide for local workers.

“The City is pleased Mr. Cosban has chosen to partner with Racine and grow his business,” Dickert said in the release. “Pipes Down Under is now a part of the area’s strong entrepreneurial history and joins the growing number of small businesses who are locating in our community.”