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Tiger Racine Zoo

Happy birthday wishes are in order for Niki, an Amur tiger who lives at the Racine Zoo.

According to a post on Facebook from the Zoo, Niki is celebrating her 20th birthday. The Zoo’s efforts to help protect and grow the population of Amur tigers in far Eastern Russia – their natural habitat – were recognized Tuesday by the Tiger Conversation Campaign.

“Proving that tigers are beautiful at any age, Amur tiger “Niki” at Racine Zooturns an incredible 20 years old this year! Thank you to Racine Zoo for supporting efforts to secure a future for wild Amur tigers in the Russian Far East!” their post reads.

Better known as the Siberian Tiger, the animals once occupied vast territories throughout Korean peninsula, the Russian Far East, parts of northern China but are now restricted toSikhote-Alin range in the Primorski and Khabarovski provinces in Russia, according to the World Wildlife Fund.

There are only about 450 tigers left in the wild, a considerable increase from when they were hunted almost to extinction in the 1940s.

The Amur tiger can grow to be ten feet long from nose to tip-of-tail and weigh up to 660 pounds.