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The orange tabby found injured and ill in the former Piggly Wiggly store in West Racine will live out the rest of his days warm and loved with Scott Sebastian.

Wisconsin Humane Society staffers named him Wilbur, and thought finding him a home might be challenging because he has feline leukemia. Thankfully, that wasn’t the case for this cat, who is now known as Alex.

“(When Scott saw the story) on Racine County Eye about Alex, he knew he had to come in and meet with him,” WHS spokesperson Angela Speed told us in an email. “Before coming, he did a lot of research about Feline Leukemia and FIV to make sure it was a commitment he was able to make. Alex won him over by quickly curling up in Scott’s lap and purring away.”

Sebastian, owner of Sebastian’s restaurant in Caledonia, recently lost a cat and thought it might be time to get another one.

“After spending the final years with Pepper who slowly but comfortably passed away I knew I could make this boy happy for the rest of his days. How many? Who knows,” he posted on his Facebook page.

Alex is estimated to be six years old, and Sebastian knows he might only have a year with him or he could have another five years.

Pepper was the most amazing cat in the world, Sebastian told Racine County Eye.

“He was really special, and we knew he was fading away, but he wasn’t uncomfortable,” he said. “Dealing with his passing made me realize I could handle it again. We’ll just call our house a hospice for him, but we’re not talking like that. He jumped right up into the window and he is not sickly by any stretch.”

Sebastian picked Alex up Wednesday afternoon, and an hour after Alex got home he had eaten and moved from the closet to under the dresser and then under the bed.

“It’s good he’s moving around,” he added. “He’s getting used to his new family, which includes three dogs. I think he’ll be happy here.”