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(Photo by Ashley Rose/Flickr)!What a week this has been. There are times when the news just gets so heavy to write and I have come to believe that if I’m having a hard time with writing it, our readers might have a hard time reading it.

Knowing this, I wanted to bring a little more light to the darkness.

So I asked our readers on our Facebook page: What’s the kindest thing that someone has done for you and I was just amazed at the answers we got. People shared how perfect strangers helped them find wallets, pay for things that they didn’t have the money to buy, how neighbors came to help in their time of need, and teachers said the right thing at the right time. There were stories about loss, and how friends and family members helped them through the healing process. And how perfect strangers rushed to help in emergency situations.

So I thought I’d share just a few of them with you. If you like this feature, please share it with others on your Facebook wall. Who knows what good things can come of it.

Angie Martinez: “It was late 70’s, my son then 4 befriended a guy on the bus as we were headed back to Wisconsin. He was talking this guys ear off and telling him all my business and I couldn’t get him to be quiet, well we got to Chicago only to be told we would have to spend the night at the bus station to wait for the bus. This guy was going to lake Geneva and us to racine, so he asked if he could pay for our ticket to take the train, he took us to lake Geneva and asked his mom to drive us to racine. He carried my son up to my mom’s house, handed him to my mom hugged us, wished us a Merry Christmas and left..He was our angel that brought us home after we had gone thru a traumatic time in our lives.”

Shana Flanigan Brohelden: “My son was two and strapped into the car seat in my husband’s van. He managed to open the window and then close it, getting his finger stuck in the hinge. (It was a swing out window.) My husband got out at the red light and ran around to see what was wrong. A woman in the car behind him got out of her car to see if she could help at all. When they realized he had severed his finger, she just grabbed him, they wrapped a diaper around his finger and she hopped in the back of my husband’s van and rode to the hospital soothing and talking to my son without even being asked. It was just instinct. Her husband followed in their car and when they arrived at the hospital, she handed my son to my husband, got back in her car and left. Never got a chance to get her name or thank her.”

Virginia Frei Herek: “I was a teen mom. I attended Reuther in Kenosha. I had lived on my own and attended school with my son in the child center. One of the ladies who worked in the childcare helped me so much. She would bring me toilet paper, groceries, Christmas gifts, even helped with outside childcare without me ever asking. She was so wonderful to me and my children.”

Patience Vitacco: “When my husbands boss had to close the doors on his business. We found ourselves unemployed and unprepared. I was pregnant and we had guardianship of our 3 nephews all elementary age. We were so broke we were using what little balance we had on plastic for food and basic needs. Unemployment was just enough to keep the lights on and the mortgage paid.
Our neighbors Jenny Mike Gonzalez stopped by a week before Christmas with 300 cash. The only requirement was to pay it forward when we were able. We never told them we were in need, it truly was a blessing from God that has changed our lives.
We were inspired by their generosity to help people in need. From that day forward every blessing we receive in overflow is shared with others.”
Kristen Kaprelian: “When my husband lost his job, I was a stay at home mom and we had 3 kids at home. I got the mail one day and someone had mailed us a Walmart gift card to help cover food expenses and needs, no name just a letter. It was such a blessing and we have since paid it forward.”


Denise Lockwood has an extensive background in traditional and non-traditional media. She has written for, the Milwaukee Business Journal, Milwaukee Magazine and the Kenosha News.