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**Editor’s Note: This is the second story featuring the candidates for Sturtevant Trustee. Incumbents Chris Wright, Chris Larsen, John Johnson and challenger Michelle Duchow answered a series of questions, and these are their unedited answers.

If elected, what would your priorities be?

Wright: 1. Closing out our TIF district next year; 2. Laying the foundation for the next TIF that will drive development for the next 20 years; 3 Continue to attract new commercial, industrial, and residential development.

Larsen: I will continue to work for safe streets, improved parks, a better school option, open and responsible Government, redevelopment of our Hwy 11 corridor, continuing to keep taxes low, job creation, and keeping Sturtevant independent.

Johnson: To continue to watch the Villages finances. Over the past 8 years the Village has gone from approximately a 1.5 million deficit to a surplus for the first time in many years. I would like to see the Village improve the parks for our children and try to bring back some things we have lost over the years like the skating rinks during the winter and summer recreation.

Duchow: o continue to fight for Sturtevant to be a safe community. To help bring back the fireworks. And advocate for more activities for families to take place in the village.

Do you support the idea of a school district separate from Racine Unified? Why or why not?

Wright: I do support exploring this as an option and plan to vote in favor of the referendum question. However, I am elected to represent the will of the Village not just my own. If the voters approve going forward I will go forward. If they vote against it I will not push it further.

Larsen: advocated strongly for the right of Sturtevant residents to have a voice, and a choice in their options for educating their children. That resulted in the referendum being held on April 7th which asks if the residents would like the Board to explore the creation of an independent school district. I believe that Sturtevant is not being properly served and represented by RUSD. I believe in local control, and local choice. I personally support the idea of our own school district. That being said, regardless of my personal opinion, I will listen to the will of the people and will honor the results of the referendum, and advocate for the result given.

Johnson: Yes, if its economically feasible. Here again, you have to look and see if this will be in the best interests of the Village residents. If not, then we need to improve RUSD to where the outlying communities get representation on the board and have more of a say on how the schools are run.

Duchow: I have strong concerns about this. I think there is an unspoken issue of race. I worry we are moving backwards to the 1960s/pre-integration if the children from the surrounding communities are removed from RUSD. There is also the issue of cost to build and create schools from the ground up.