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**Updated 9 p.m. March 24

Moviegoers age 21 and over could soon enjoy libations with their popcorn if Marcus Renaissance Theatre is granted a liquor license.

Members of the Sturtevant Administration, Personnel, Policy & Legal Committee Tuesday considered the company’s application for a Class “B” reserve liquor license to add a Take Five Lounge but didn’t take any action.

“This will take some further study to be sure that all safe guards will be in place,” Village President Steve Jansen said after the meeting. “Maybe it will take a drive up to one and check it out for myself to see how it operates.”

The reason the license is a reserve is because the state only makes so many Class “B” liquor licenses – at around $500 each – available to a community based on population. Once that limit is reached, the municipality is allowed a limited number of reserve licenses. The price tag on a reserve license is $10,000.

Trustee Chris Larsen, chair of APPL, said other large theaters have incorporated alcoholic beverages into their refreshment menus with few incidents.

“(This has) been done this at other large theaters with few problems,” he told Racine County Eye. “Like all license requests we will make sure all due diligence is done.”

In fact, there are 12 Marcus facilities with Take Five lounges and more are planned.

Mari Randa, a spokesperson for Marcus, said the Take Five Lounge will be located in the lobby of the Renaissance theater, and the addition answers a demand by moviegoers to have a more complete evening out.

“We’ve noticed that the moviegoing experience has changed over the years and has become more of a complete night out for many of our guests.  Adding food and beverage options all under one roof provides guests an added convenience and allows them to personalize their night out,” she said in an email to Racine County Eye.

Take Five will feature more than just alcoholic beverages, though. Randa said there will be more sophisticated appetizers, desserts and hand-made Zaffiro’s pizza.

“We plan to offer a range of menu options from appetizers to desserts and even handmade pizza – something for everyone.  And, for guests that are of legal drinking age, we also want to provide the option of beer, wine or a cocktail to accompany the meal and/or the overall experience,” she added.

Moviegoers will have the ability to take their food and drinks into theaters with them, and keeping alcoholic drinks away from anyone under 21 is a concern but one Marcus mitigates from the beginning.

“It starts with extensive training and is carried through procedures related to asking for ID and not allowing multi-drink orders without guests available to show ID,” Randa continued. “In addition, we have implemented a secret shopper program to ensure all the procedures are followed. These are just some of the measures put in place.”

Construction will begin once all permits are in place. Take Five could open as soon as this summer.