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Rodents roaming through barns and other farm buildings are a normal part of farm life, but their populations can quickly get out of control without the help of a few good cats.

The Wisconsin Humane Society is launching a barn cat program to try and rehome cats that might not fit in with a family.

“Sometimes cats cannot live as household companions, yet make excellent barn cats and thrive in that environment,” a press release from WHS reads. “By adopting barn cats, rodent problems can also be controlled without toxic chemicals.”

Anyone interested in adopting a barn cat should be prepared to bring at least two cats home, the statement continues, because cats can develop strong bonds with other cats and animals. Bonding can also occur over time with humans after the cats have consistently positive experiences with people.

WHS describes a potential home as:

  • Shelter in a barn, outbuilding, or stable
  • Daily food and water – cats cannot live on mice alone
  • Ability to provide veterinary care, as needed
  • A secure place to keep them for the first 4-6 weeks while they acclimate to your barn (this can be a tack room, large crate or any secure indoor enclosure)

Potential farm families can be placed on a list for notification when a pair is available by sending an email to WHS at¬†or by filling¬†out an adopter profile at Visit the Humane Society’s barn cat program page at: