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It’s easy to get bogged down in the daily grind and to wonder if there’s ever any good news in the world.

Well, there’s a lot of good news right here in Racine County. Last week on International Day of Happiness, we asked what makes you happy. Here’s what you told us:

Alison Miller Mrkvicka: My family…Today (March 20) is my daughter and granddaughters birthday…..Two beautiful girls born to life 34 and 15 years ago! Happy birthday Kristen and Alexia!

AnaLisa Garcia: Feeling my healthy baby boy move around in my belly everyday.. even when it wakes me up at 4am

Kim Odell: Beating cancer

Michelle Dawn: Warm weather & hanging with my best friends …¬†Oh and the beach!

Mary Ocanas Avila: My family and helping others!

Kerry Lovell: seeing someone helping someone else…getting a door, walking arm in arm for balance…

Gen Sterenberg: Bare pavement makes me happy! A sunny day makes me happy!

Chrissee Horner: The birds singing (outside) Nature’s eye candy ~

Jan Spranger: Playing with my new puppy Izzy makes me very happy!

.c. McGeean Wiley: Taking an all day embroidery class in Oshkosh!

Tracy Kiesler: Helping others, seeing my kids smile and going on walks with my dog in the early morning and listening to the birds it’s so peaceful.

Maggie Cruz: My son’s face. Seeing him everyday healthy and happy

Jillian Kay Lopez: Knowing that I did all I could to help someone in bad situation. Sometimes just listening can make all the difference.

Mary Jerger-Osterman: What makes me happy is when someone says Thank you to me in appreation for my business or efforts.

Jamie Meier Mattek: My daughter – she is my joy every single day.

Amanda Kay Kirby: Getting up the day after St Patrick’s Day in reading the news and not one arrest was made for a DUI in our city after reading so many disturbing stories of crime and violence and murder it almost felt like a blessing thanks Racine County Eye.

Glenda Pollock: Sunshine