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**Editor’s Note: This Letter to the Editor was submitted by Sturtevant Trustee Chris Larsen. He is running for re-election in the election Tuesday.

There comes a time right before Election Day that you have to look at where your municipality has been, where it is now and where it is headed.

In the spring election for Trustee in Sturtevant you have clear choices to make. There are three incumbents running for re-election that were part of the economic, fiscal and developmental turnaround of the Village. I am proud of the job I have done over the last six years, and I stand by every decision I have made for the benefit of the Village. The Village is now out of debt, strong, viable and planning for the future.

Last Tuesday we held our most important meeting so far this year with the Board and the Community Development Authority, which I am proud to chair. We began discussions about the next tax increment finance districts once we close TID 3 next year. These new districts will keep our industrial development going strong while also reshaping the heart of the Village in the Highway 11 corridor. This meeting set the groundwork for the future. The three incumbents played vital roles in the discussion.

Please review the articles posted here on the Racine County Eye about the four candidates. Re-read the answers given. See where true vision and ideas are within our Village, and where divisiveness and lack of ideas also are.

I am asking for your support for my re-election to the Sturtevant Village Board, and also ask that you support John Johnson and Chris Wright as well. Sometimes the best change is keeping in place what works.

Chris Larsen