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Drivers who travel Highway 20 near I-94 regularly may need to use another route for the next couple of months to go west.

The westbound left lane of Washington is closing Tuesday between the frontage roads as the southbound lanes of I-94 are torn down and reconstructed. Drivers are encouraged to take the east frontage road north to Highway C and then continue west.

Traffic in both directions on I-94 has been diverted to the northbound lanes for the remainder of the southbound overpass project. The state Department of Transportation estimates work on the Highway 20 overpass will wrap up by November 25, depending on weather.

Work on the Highway 20 interchange is part of a multi-year, $1.7 billion expansion of I-94 from downtown Milwaukee to the Wisconsin-Illinois border. The northbound lanes were reconstructed last year at the same time the Spring Street/Highway C overpass was torn down and reconstructed.

The I-94 North-South Freeway Project website keeps track of how much work has been completed, and, so far, just over half – 55 percent – of the work has been completed. The entire project is expected to complete in 2021.