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This April 13th meeting of the Village Board of Mt. Pleasant had a wide cross section to it’s public input.

First, you had a fellow County Board Member talk (at 00:34) about outgoing President Mark Gleason. A resident spoke (at 02:22) about a travel trailer problem.

Mike Devine then spoke (at 4:04) about what goes on during closed sessions. Mike Devine’s views were actually supported by comments by Mt. Pleasant Village Administrator in a related video shared here titled “Good Ole Boys at Mt Pleasant” where Administrator Kurt Wahlen said he was approached before Mr. Mark Gleason was elected President if he would like to become Administrator of Mt. Pleasant. Hear it for yourself. If you recall, Mr. Wahlen was interviewed in closed session without total knowledge of the entire board ahead of time. He was then hired in that Board Meeting’s open session.

Then there was John Martini (at 12:02) sharing the Judgement of God to the Board over the proposed Hwy V development project. A number of other Hwy V residents also shared the consequences to their families over the potentially highest Special Assessment ever to a Mt. Pleasant resident.