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Members of the Horlick High School boys basketball team Tuesday visited with 5th graders at Wadewitz Elementary to talk about how important it is to stay in school and work hard.

The Wadewitz students were excited to have the team visit and to talk with them and ask questions, a news update on the Racine Unified website reads.

“Many of our students have wonderful dreams of playing for the NFL, NBA,  being famous musicians, designers, doctors, etc., but are missing the discipline, focus on education and dedication needed to achieve their futures,”Wadewitz Library Media Specialist Kathy Kis said. “This gives them opportunity to hear directly from the people they look up to about how important school is.”

In his introduction of his players, Horlick Coach Jason Treutelaar acknowledged that some of the boys have made mistakes, but they’ve learned important lessons and continue to work toward a successful future.

“These boys behind me are fine young men,” Treutelaar said. “They made mistakes, but they learned from them and that’s what really matters.”

The visit lasted about an hour, and conversation focused on school, basketball, and life outside of school.