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Siena-on-the-Lake-MainNow that the second phase of the Siena on the Lake project is almost completed and the third phase of the senior living apartments is on hold, the Caledonia village board had to adjust the terms of its agreement that involve several roads projects related to the development.

The Siena on the Lake project included a $45 million senior living campus to be built in three phases by Siena Partners, a partnership between the Sisters of St. Dominic (Racine Dominicans) and Lincoln Lutheran of Racine, Inc. (LLOR). The Siena Center campus is located at 5635 Erie St. in Caledonia.

The first phase, which included tearing down several existing buildings on the campus, was completed in 2013. The second phase, which includes the skilled nursing facility and assisted living/memory care residences, is expected to be completed in July. However, the Siena on the Lake Board of Directors voted not to move forward with the third phase of the project because they hoped to have 64 apartments reserved, but only had deposits for 41 apartments.

Siena On The Lake also promised to put in a left turn lane on Four Mile Road at Erie St. and extend 4 1/2 Mile Road to Erie Street as part of its developer agreement with the village. But because the third phase of the project is on hold, the village revised the developer agreement by granting some extensions on those infrastructure projects and accepted those changes at its meeting held Monday, May 4.

The extension of 4 1/2 Mile Road to Erie Street was requested by emergency and safety personnel so that they could have better access to the expanded campus.

Village attorney Elaine Ekes told the board Monday that work is proceeding on the left turn lane project, which is expected to be completed by Dec. 31, 2015. An extension was also granted for the extension of 4 1/2 Mile Road to Nov. 1, 2017.

“But they still need to turn in the plans into the Village by Nov. 2015,” Ekes said. “It’s possible we may run into planning delays and we are not waiting until 2016 to get those plans submitted.”

The village is requiring Siena on the Lake to post a $914,000 letter of credit to cover the cost of the transportation improvement project and land acquisition should the village have to step in to complete the project.

The Racine Dominicans are in the “process of unwinding” its partnership with the Lincoln Lutheran, which is in receivership; however, that matter is “a totally separate issue” from the decision to not move forward with building phase III of the project.

Ekes explained that the receiver “has not yet let go of the value of the partnership with Siena.”