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Ellie Lutterman will take the stage with her violin June 27 at Carnegie Hall, and the McKinley Middle School 7th grader couldn’t be more thrilled.

“I broke down crying right there. Oh my gosh, it was such a shock. I was so happy,” she told WITI FOX 6 News.

Lutterman was chosen through an application process for the Honors Junior Orchestra to play at Carnegie Hall. She told the news station that she practices for several hours each week in between school, homework and other activities.

When she was called to her principal’s office, Lutterman said she was nervous, but the news wasn’t what she expected, the story continues. Instead of having to face the music for something she might have done, her parents and her principal told Lutterman she’d be playing music on the big stage in New York City this summer.

Playing the violin has helped Lutterman through some trying times; not only has she experienced bullying, she was also diagnosed with epilepsy in January 2014. She credits her violin with helping her get through the tough times.

“Nothing can stop me. It’s just me and my violin,” Lutterman is quoted as saying.