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Editor’s Note: This Letter to the Editor was submitted by Sturtevant Fireworks Committee member Rob Amos.

A Pancake Breakfast, a Mostaccioli Dinner and now a raffle fundraiser with a grand prize of $15,000 dollars all continue to struggle to raise enough money to fund the annual July 3rd fireworks in Sturtevant.

The support hasn’t been enough. What does this say to the fireworks committee? Is it time to listen to the residents of Sturtevant and let tradition go?

The volunteer fireworks committee’s goal in 2015 was to hold off this year on a fireworks show and focus on fundraising; to become self sustaining and less dependent on business donations for the annual event that has been traditionally held on July 3rd at Fireman’s Park. Businesses have had to cut back over the last few years and the committee respects that strict budgeting is a must nowadays.

At this time the raffle ticket fundraiser – with a grand prize of $15,000 – has come to a slow halt, and unless 300 tickets are sold by July 1st, the profit intended for the 2016 fireworks show just won’t be there. The tickets are $100 each with 300:1 odds you can’t get anywhere else. It may be the best $100 dollars you spend.

It is hard to believe that friends, families, neighbors who love the fireworks show, do not get together and spend as little as $25 each to split the pot. The committee is starting to think that it is time to share with the Village Board that the support for the show is just not there.

If it is important to your friends and family to continue the Village tradition of a fireworks show on July 3rd in 2016 and every year moving forward, then please contact Village Hall to purchase a raffle ticket by July 1st! They have tickets on hand or will get you in touch with a committee member that will bring one to your door! Just make that call! 262-886-7200.

Thank you,
Rob Amos
Fireworks Committee