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While Southeast Wisconsin residents shed the last layers of winter and a fairly cool spring and hit the road, motorists are reminded to be watchful and alert for deer.

David Pabst of the Wisconsin Department of Transportation told Wisconsin Public Radio that June is nearly as dangerous as the fall because does are giving birth and nudging year-old offspring to leave the nest.

“Deer that are scared don’t know what to do when they cross a road,” Pabst is quoted as saying. “Their hooves are very slippery. It’s like ice for you and me, deer’s hooves on pavement. It’s hard to predict what they’re going to do and of course they’re of such a size that you really don’t want to strike them with your car or your motorcycle.”

There were over 18,000 accidents last year involving motorists and deer; 10 of which were fatal. Of those ten, eight of them involved motorcycles.

Drivers should be especially alert traveling just as the sun is coming up and going down; dusk and dawn are the most dangerous times.

“If you see one deer, there are often two or three right behind it,” Pabst’s quote continues.