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Highway V property owners had an opportunity to ask questions of Mount Pleasant, Caledonia and the Racine Water Utility at this June 15, 2015 Mount Pleasant Board work meeting.  No decisions were made by the Mount Pleasant Board.

Present were engineering and staff from Mount Pleasant.  Representing Caledonia was the ex-administrator because the President and administrator of Caledonia had their board meeting running concurrently.  The picture below shows the Mount Pleasant Trustees and President on the top row as well as representatives from Caledonia, Mount Pleasant staff and Racine Water Utility on the bottom row.

Joint MtPlsnt Caledonia Water

The Highway V group also introduced their newly hired Attorney, Thomas Devine who asked a number of questions of the governments.  Then citizens were also given the opportunity to ask questions.

Here is Tom Devine asking questions on behalf of the Highway V group:

Tom Devine

The recording is a little over 2 hours in length and provides insight into the whole Highway Sewer and Water project.  There is not a simple way to make this recording shorter.  We hope you find time to listen to it as it does provide much information on the entire project.