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At the Highway V meeting with Mount Pleasant and Caledonia I asked the ex-administrator of Caledonia, Mark Janiuk why 70% of Mount Pleasant’s Special assessment to Highway V property owners was going to go back to Caledonia.  Mr. Janiuk said that was NOT correct.  I asked him if I could show him a document which shows that, would that help him remember.  Then Jerry Garski interrupted because I was not following the precise format of the meeting, which was to only ask questions.

The reason I asked about this is because it goes to the heart of the agreement between Mount Pleasant and Caledonia.  Was there some reason both either denied or didn’t want this on the record?  I will let you, the citizens of Mount Pleasant to judge for yourself.

Below is a link to that document, an Acrobat document which shows a letter from Caledonia Administrator, Mark Janiuk to Kurt Whalen, Mount Pleasant Village Administrator dated July 17, 2014.  This document was part of a large Freedom of Information request from Attorney Tom Devine given to Hwy V President, Don Schultz and shared with the rest of the Highway V group.

When you see the document, note item number 3 which shows a 70% / 30% relationship between the Villages.  70% defines Caledonia payment and 30% defines Mount Pleasant payment.  Then, most importantly, note item number 9 which the special assessment “shall be shared with Caledonia based on the percent amount that Caledonia has contributed to the construction of the gravity line.”

Here is that document:


To: Kurt Whalen, Mt. Pleasant Village Administrator
From : Mark Janiuk, Caledonia Village Administrator
Re: Proposed Settlement Regarding Sewer Line Extension
Date: July 17, 2014

We have exchanged various emails and had a number of conversations over the last few days in regard
to the sewer line extension in Mt. Pleasant. Once again, we thank you and the other representatives
from Mt. Pleasant for your willingness to discuss this issue with us. Based on our emails and
conversations, I will set out my understanding of an agreement:

1.  Caledonia would construct at its cost a force main from CTH C to the municipal border along
CTH V. Caledonia would own this force main.

2.  Mt. Pleasant would construct a gravity line from STH 20 to CTH C along CTH V. Mt. Pleasant
intends to construct this line outside of the pavement area and estimates the cost will be
$3,000,000. Mt. Pleasant would own this gravity line.

3.  Caledonia will contribute to the cost of the gravity line based on estimated flow whereby
Caledonia would pay for 70% of the cost { $2,100,000) and Mt. Pleasant would pay for 30%of
the costs ($900,000).

4.  Payments for the gravity line would be based on actual costs after construction is complete BUT
Caledonia’s costs would be capped at a not to exceed number of $2,100,000.

5.  Caledonia would pay its first principal payment of $1,250,000 before December 31, 2014.

6.  Caledonia would pay an interest payment of $200,000 before December 31, 2014 as full
payment of all interest due as of the date of payment.

7.  Future principal and interest payments would be based on the time table set forth in the
existing agreement and Caledonia would have the right to pre-pay some or all of the payments
at any time.

8.  Mt. Pleasant would construct the gravity line on a time table to coordinate construction being
done by Caledonia so as not to delay Caledonia’s use of the sewer line when Caledonia’s
portion is finished.

9.  Mt. Pleasant would apply its customary special assessment rules to the construction of the
gravity line. If and when special assessments are collected by Mt. Pleasant,they shall be shared
with Caledonia based on the %amount that Caledonia has contributed to the construction of
the gravity line.

10. Caledonia will not be responsible for any future costs for the Mt. Pleasant STH 20 main
line from point of connection going west ( unless a second Caledonia connection point is
made west of CTH V at some future date).


Then compare that document to the recording I made at the meeting with Mark Janiuk.  He denies what is in black and white.

If something this important isn’t being attested to properly then how can the Highway V group believe anything either Village says.  And with so much on the line for these property owners, isn’t the premise that everything be open and correct be the goal?  And if something this important isn’t being handled properly, what else isn’t?  Makes you think, doesn’t it?

Rees Roberts