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City leaders in Green Bay are considering an ordinance that would allow food trucks to operate on downtown streets in order to attract more visitors to the area.

Current laws there prohibit food trucks from operating anywhere but on private property.

“When we look at larger cities, this is a concept that seems to work for both the brick-and-mortar companies as well as the food trucks. I think they can compliment each other,” Mayor Jim Schmitt told the Green Bay Press Gazette.

Food truck owners say the ability to operate downtown on the weekends helps everyone because the more people visit food trucks, the more people are in the area who will then visit other local businesses, including restaurants.

Brick-and-mortar establishment owners say they support the ordinance as long as food trucks don’t park in front of their eateries and steal their customers, but the proposed ordinance prohibits a food truck within 150 feet of a restaurant and 500 feet of a special event without permission.


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