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Racine police say a 16-year-old boy suspected of belonging to a southside street gang is facing over a decade in prison after committing three different offenses on three separate dates.

Keory Jones, of Racine, was charged Thursday as an adult with one felony count of robbery with threat of Keory Jonesforce, party to a crime as well as one misdemeanor count each of marijuana possession and criminal trespass. If he’s convicted of all counts, he faces up to 16-1/2 years in prison and/or up to $61,000 in fines.

According to the first criminal complaint, on April 15 police were called to the area of 17th Street and Taylor for a report of a large group of male subjects hanging around outside an apartment building. The caller said this same group was threatening another boy and were suspected of robbing the boy earlier in the day. When officers arrived, the group had dispersed but a teenager – later identified as Jones – was seen across the street.

Police say Jones took off but was spotted as part of a group of individuals officers had lined up against a wall at 17th Street and Phillips. Jones smelled strongly of marijuana so he was searched and a burned roach was found in his front pocket, but a search of his backpack turned up nothing.

He was transported to the Racine County Jail still smelling strongly of marijuana so police asked him if he had any other contraband on his person, and he directed them to a quantity in his sock, the complaint reads. That amount weighed in at almost 10 grams, so Jones was charged with marijuana possession and released into the custody of his mother.

On May 14, a female resident called police to report that they woke up at 12:48 a.m. and saw Jones and another male subject inside their home, another complaint against Jones reads. When the boys realized the woman was awake, they fled the scene.

Police say the woman said that both boys had been at the house earlier in the evening and were told they weren’t welcome. Jones and the other boy – both suspected of being members of the Dirty P gang – told the woman they’d be back to steal her television. After Jones and the other boy fled, a check of the home revealed that nothing had actually been taken.

In the third complaint against Jones, police were called June 12 to the 2600 block of 17th Street for a report of a boy who had been robbed of his bike by six male subjects – including Jones – all of whom were suspected of being part of the Dirty P gang. The boy told officers he was riding his bike home when Jones and the other boys surrounded him and one of them said, “I got us another bike.”

When the boy tried to prevent his bike from being taken, police say the other boys got off their bikes and made threatening gestures toward him, saying, “This is my bike. Don’t touch it or I’ll jump you.” The boy said he felt threatened so he backed away and the group rode away with his bike.

Another witness told police they saw Jones and the other alleged gang members approach the boy after being told they could not stay around the property, the complaint reads. When the group refused to leave, the person went to retrieve pepper spray but the group was gone, and the boy said his bike had been stolen.

Jones remains in the Racine County Jail on $6,000 total in cash bonds; $5,000 on the felony count and $500 for each misdemeanor. He will next be in court July 1 for his preliminary hearing on the robbery charge and July 23 for pre-trial conferences for the misdemeanor charges.