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The unidentified body of a young woman found 16 years ago in Racine County will be laid to rest again Tuesday.

Racine County Jane Doe was discovered by a man walking his dog in July 1999 in a cornfield in Raymond. She carried no ID and investigators determined she had suffered blunt force trauma to much of her body, was malnourished and her body showed signs of being sexually abused. Her left ear was battered, commonly referred to as cauliflower ear.

Since then, investigators with the Racine County Sheriff’s Department have been working every lead – cold and warm – they can follow, but all roads have so far led to dead ends. There was speculation that Jane Doe might be from Eastern Europe and was perhaps a victim of sex trafficking or that she arrived at Chicago’s O’Hare Airport as an au pair and fell in with the wrong people.

Two years ago, Jane Doe was exhumed for isotope testing, and on Tuesday at noon, her remains will be laid to rest once again. RCSD Investigator Tracy Hintz set up a Facebook page to keep the search for Jane Doe’s identity and killers as much in the public eye as possible. She posted an update Sunday that testing is now complete.

“The advancements in forensics and the support of National Center for Missing & Exploited Children have been extraordinary. This case will continued to be worked until she is identified and persons responsible are held accountable for her death,” the post on Facebook reads.

Isotope testing might be able to tell where Jane Doe had been prior to being found in Racine County. In a nutshell, the makeup of the earth – gases, minerals, chemical compounds – varies greatly from region to region. The foods we eat – both animal and vegetable – can be a map to where we’ve been because the foods absorb the unique makeup of the earth where they are, so when we eat those foods, we’re also absorbing those gases, minerals and chemical compounds.

Certain isotopes can be found in teeth and bones even after death, so investigators are hoping that Jane Doe’s isotopes give them a key that leads to her identity.

Jane Doe is described as white, between the ages of 18 and 30, 5-foot-8, 120 pounds with brown hair and brown or hazel eyes. Both of her ears were double-pierced, but she did not have any tattoos.

Anyone with information can leave an anonymous tips with Crime Stoppers by calling 1-888-636-9330, via the web:, or text message: RACS to 274637(CRIMES).