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**Editor’s Note: This letter to the editor was submitted by Caledonia resident Manuel Aquis after he sent it to each of the Caledonia board members.
I want to start by thanking every member that voted yes on the study. You have my deepest respect and thanks. Mr. Wishau, Mr. Wanggaard and Mr. Willing.
For those who refuse to, or fight against it, you have my deepest anger and frustration. And not just me, but almost every citizens I talk to. You think you’re smarter than us. The only nice one who really seemed to care was Mr.Prott. I hope we can change his mind.But Mr. Dobbs, Mr. Bradley, Mrs.Trentadue… you are a major disappointment. We ask you to do something, we give you over 1,000 signatures. (our assemblymanWeatherston joked it was “a waste of paper!!!!!”) We give you hundreds of calls and emails and you still say no. You think you’re smarter, you think you’re wiser.But you all spent almost $200,000 of my money and my neighbor’s money on 24 acres behind the Crawford Park!!!! What is wrong with you?!?!? I know this discussion only last 15 minutes one night and there was no study asked, and no vote taken by the people.

Which is fine. Maybe it was a good thing. But to spend $200,000 on something you have no said purpose for, then refuse to do this when we show up EVERY MEETING is disgusting!

 I have come to meetings and even the August presenting that Mr. Dey talked about the school district. Everyone acted like they cared. I know the village manager sent every board member a copy of theWISTAX study done 6 or 7 years ago too.But no one read it. I know this for a fact and you have told several others you had not read it. WHY??? Every question you’ve been askingis answered in that study. Our Assemblyman RobinVos said he only needed the newer version of the study and it doesn’t need any more information. The information it hasis required by Wisconsin Statute anyway.This is a false statement that only came up two weeks ago when Assemblyman Weatherston lied to the board. I read every point. I was there and heard it. People were amazed at what he said. He kept saying things that everyone knew was BS, and even still President Bradley is acting on it. WHY? Do you WANT to get voted off the board?

I know Mr. Bradley just doesn’t want this to happen. And I am afraid Mrs. Trentadue keeps looking and acting confused and isn’t meant to be on this board. I hate to say it, but she is not made for these decisions.

She even told a neighbor of mine that her “head was spinning” at the meeting they had last month. Is that what an elected official should admit? Can she not handle it? She said “debt ratios must also be met.” WHAT?! That’s not her to find out! She’s just saying things to sound smart on it. Mr. Dobbs clearly doesn’t support it and even acts angry.

Well, now we are angry. You thought Walmart was loud and painful to deal with, we are worse. We are 2,500 people. We are taxpayers from the freeway to the lake.  You are playing games. WE ARE DONE WITH THEM.

We will not go away. And in April, someone is going to lose their seat.

I will give a tip: it’s the one who shouldn’t be there and won’t listen.

No more talking down to us, or setting up repeat committees because they say things you don’t want.

Do the study. We only want half now. Do the rest, and forget your pine trees for a few months.
Manuel Aquis