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Fans of Sweet Eats Bakery & Cafe had their sweet dreams deflated last week when they learned their (not so) guilty pleasure was moving out of Racine.

Co-owners Robyn Ferraton and Jenny Tilot announced Friday on their Sweet Eats Facebook page that they Sweet Eats Bakery & Cafeare relocating to Kenosha.

“We have some exciting and sad news to share with you. August 27th will be our last day at our location in Regency Mall,” they posted. “We have come across a wonderful opportunity and decided to take our business closer to home and will be opening the beginning of September in Kenosha!”

Sweet Eats has been a magnet location in Regency Mall at the southwest entrance to the mall for a loyal following. In addition to a variety of homemade cupcakes in flavors like red velvet, white Russian, mudslide, Boston cream pie and so many others, Ferraton and Tilot also serve soups, wraps, sandwiches, and more.

Friends were quick to post messages of support.

So close to my house! Saw you guys in your Sweet Eats gear and was wondering if that meant we’d be neighbors!!” Amber Kuhl-Mucklin posted.

Kelly Thielen agreed.

“That’s awesome news! Very happy for all of you! Can’t wait to see the new place!” she said.

Ferraton and Tilot said their move is not a reflection of mall management, but an opportunity to move closer to home they couldn’t ignore.

“We are forever grateful to them for all they have done for us,” they said. “(We’re) just 6.5 miles south of our current location … Keep looking for exciting updates as we will be busy busy these next few weeks but will be sharing our adventure with you!”