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St. Lucy’s 5th grader Caroline Mork made a difference this week in the lives of other community children when she delivered 16 bicycle helmets to the Mount Pleasant Lakeside COP house.

Back in April, Mork wrote a letter to her teacher, outlining her idea to collect helmets after she and her friends witnessed too many kids riding around without them.

“I know a few people in my fifth grade class have agreed with me on how we should wear bicycle helmets to prevent injury/death,” her letter reads. “I would like to propose the idea of a bicycle helmet drive … By doing this, we would teach good safety habits as well as cut down medical bills for head injuries.”

Mork explains that each family would only need to donate one helmet to kids who either can’t afford a helmet or just don’t have one.

Officer Matt Prochaska took delivery of the helmets Wednesday and said he is impressed with Mork’s maturity level and how much she cares about others.

“This girl is outstanding; the way she thought about others and wanted to make a positive impact in the lives of other kids is just years ahead of her age,” Prochaska said.

He expects to distribute the helmets in the coming weeks.