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Five new red kangaroos officially became part of the Racine Zoo family Wednesday and seemed to enjoy being out and about with their new mates.

On loan from the St. Louis Zoo, the single male and four females spent a month in quarantine before joining the Racine Zoo’s two female red kangaroos, some wallaroos and an emu in the Walkabout Creek exhibit, a press release from the Racine Zoo reads.

Duke, the single male kangaroo, is now the largest kangaroo at the Zoo and is a distinct, dark red color. The four females are more a greyish-blue color and known as blue flyers because they can get up to speeds of 30 miles per hour. The females are named Adele, Anne, Dory and Blair.

The mob ranges in age from just a 10 months to almost two years old.

Red kangaroos are the largest marsupial on the planet and typically make their home in the prairies of inland Australia. They are herbivores and rest during the heat of the day, getting more active from late afternoon to early morning, the release continues.