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Racine native Paige Weslaski is a determined and centered young woman who says she found the courage three years ago to be her real self when she rediscovered her faith.

“I was raised Catholic, but it was never really real to me,” she said. “But when I found God and His son, Jesus Christ, again while I was in college in California, I realized I was destined for great things as a strong person who could be the person I was meant to be.”

More specifically, Weslaski said she fell into a pattern far too many girls and other young women also repeat; she had to have a boyfriend because she thought having one gave her worth. Now, she said she knows better and wants to empower girls by connecting them with faith.

“I feel like too many girls elbow their way into a relationship for all the wrong reasons, and I understand because I was one of them,” Weslaski added. “Once I became a Christian, though, it changed everything. Once I accepted Jesus Christ into my life, the scales fell off my eyes.”

Paige isn’t practicing any specific denomination of Christianity and is instead involved with a number of ministries in the area.

Weslaski graduated in 2014 from Pepperdine University and spent a few months on a mission last fall in Guatemala. After she got back, Weslaski brought her degree back home to work with her parents at Image Management. She’s also the founder of, a Christian blog for women, and her first book, Finding Your Prince, was recently published by CreateSpace Publishing.

The book includes stories from her blog and focuses on how Weslaski realized that having a man in her life couldn’t fill what she said was a hole in her heart.

“I found that I am beautiful and worthy in Christ, and that God has a beautiful plan for us all if we’re open to it,” she explained. “And I want other girls and young women to understand that Christ will find them the perfect mate, but if there isn’t a mate in their future, then they’ll still find happiness in their faith.”

Understanding that not everyone wants to find happiness in marriage, Weslaski said the “prince” in her title is spelled with a capital “P” to represent the all-encompassing love of Jesus.

Weslaski said she’s really enjoying working with her parents and sees herself leading women’s retreats to help others find their worth by letting God into their lives.

“As long as women have passion, God always provides,” she said. “If you trust, God takes care of all the details.”