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The NFL off-season is never a fun time for Packers fans, especially when it beings thanks to a game you’d rather forget. But after eight months of stewing about what could have been, the Packers will begin their quest for redemption as they take the field on Sunday against the Chicago Bears.

The general consensus among people not named Mike Ditka is that Green Bay will start the 2015 season with a victory. There is good reason to believe this will happen.

Aaron Rodgers has tormented Chicago since 2008, posting an amazing 109.8 passer rating and 12-3 record (including playoffs) against the Bears. Despite the loss of Jordy Nelson, the Packers should have little difficulty putting lots and lots of points on the board.

Whereas the Bears bring out the best in Rodgers, the Packers almost always bring out the worst in Jay Cutler. Cutler has thrown 21 interceptions and has a 67.1 passer rating versus Green Bay, and his only victory over the Packers came in a game where they set a team record for penalties.

While most signs point to another Packers victory over the Bears, there is reason for trepidation.

When Lovie Smith became head coach of the Bears in 2004 he made beating the Packers his #1 priority. Indeed, this is exactly what happened in his first game against Green Bay. Similarly, John Fox would love to begin his tenure in Chicago with a victory over an ancient rival.

There’s also the matter of this being a rivalry game being played on the road, which – despite the robotic consistency of Aaron Rodgers – adds a high level of uncertainty to the final outcome. You know that the Solider Field crowd with be at full throttle.

Whatever the outcome, it’s great to have a bona fide Packers game to look forward to. Who am I kidding; if the Packers don’t take care of business on Sunday I will be cranky all week.