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**Author Heather Asiyanbi is president of Crime Stoppers of Racine County

School is full on back in session for the 2015-2016 school year, and that means students at Case, Horlick and ParkĀ have additional opportunities to take real ownership of their school communities through anonymous tips and Crime Stoppers of Racine County.

We know there’s a big “no snitching” code in high school, and we also know that stuff goes down at school that kids think is wrong. Crime Stoppers gives them a way to report what they see and know and protects them because we will NEVER EVER NEVER ask their name.

The key to Crime Stoppers’ success throughout our community is our promise of anonymity. Students can call us, text us or contact us via the web without ever giving their name.

Instead, tipsters are assigned a tip number, and it is up to that person to call back to check on the status of their tip. If the information they gave is good and leads to a resolution, that person is eligible for a reward.

With the adult program, we say tips that lead to arrest are eligible for reward, but student situations may not always result in arrest. How the schools handle reports of trouble remains their jurisdiction and theirs alone; not every tip will involve criminal activity. Crime Stoppers is only interested in knowing that information passed to the schools was solid.

We want all students to have a safe and productive school year. Crime Stoppers is committed to helping students help their school communities by offering a way for them to anonymously report negative activities – selling drugs, fighting, bullying, guns, etc. – without ever giving their names.

What parents should know is that their student will remain safe from any potential retaliation if they use Crime Stoppers to report anything at their school. The only way anyone else will know your child contacted Crime Stoppers is if they tell someone.

To contact Crime Stoppers, students can callĀ 1-888-638-9330, submit a web tip at or text RACS with their tip to 274637 (CRIMES).