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After Governor Scott Walker announced Monday that he was no longer seeking the Republican nomination, reaction among Racine County Eye readers was mixed.

There were the typical comments along partisan lines, but some people also posted comments pertaining to what they hope Walker will do once he gets settled in the governor’s mansion again.

“(I have been) very disappointed in the last several months with the choices made,”¬†Nikki Prohaska¬†wrote. “Can only hope he returns with a concrete agenda again for this state.”

Some readers expressed their disappointment in a governor they’ve been supporting.

I voted for this guy twice. He really let me down with the casino decision,” Chris Cotrell posted. “Someone gave him the stupid idea that he could be elected president and he showed his true self.”

Others took the negativity to task and seemed to say it’s time for the state to move on.

Such hate! Such a shame. I would not have voted for him for President, but I am certainly not going to slam him,” Janice Thrasher Hansen wrote. “Don’t we have enough hate?”