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After their dog was shot in the back Friday, a Racine family is asking for the community’s help paying for the dog’s medical bills.

Nicole Soto Friday night created a gofundme page to raise the $500 necessary for Reyna’s care. Soto said a man was walking his dog past their house when Reyna – a friendly pit bull mix – jumped the Soto family’s fence. Soto said Reyna and the man’s dog were playing and there was no aggression.

Still, the man pulled his gun and shot Reyna. The bullet entered her back and exited her stomach.

“Reyna did jump over the fence but played with the other dog, the other dog was bigger and also played back,” Soto wrote. “The owner of the other dog says that Reyna was trying to attack his dog, even though there are no injuries to his dog.”

Reyna was rushed to WVRC Emergency Veterinary Hospital where she is in critical condition. Soto had $70 in contributions in the first hour her post was live.

“We are asking for any donations and/or prayers to help Reyna recover. We thank you so very much for all your support,” she wrote.

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