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Rhoda is a sweet girl who is very sensitive to her surroundings and takes a while to feel comfortable with people.

She is a two-year-old Papillon mix who was found cold, alone and fearful on the streets of Racine.

“We have no idea how long she had been left on the streets to fend for herself,” WHS spokesperson Angela Speed said. “Knowing how nervous she was around new people, we took our time and let her get to know us gradually. She asks is that her guardian be patient with her while she learns to trust again.”

Anyone interested in making Rhoda a furever member of their family should call the Wisconsin Humane Society for a meeting so staff can be sure someone Rhoda trusts is with her to make the introduction more successful. Please call (262) 554-6699 to make an appointment to meet this very special dog.

Rhoda is sponsored by Havahart and the folks at Sebastian’s restaurant, 6025 Douglas Ave. in Caledonia.