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The founders of the Rapcine website are working on a short deadline to raise $500 to help at least two local families enjoy a Christmas they might not otherwise have.

Jesse Booker set up a gofundme page Tuesday, and he said he got the idea on Black Friday while shopping for his kids. He remembered that just a few short years ago he was the one who needed help.

“I thought about what it was like when I didn’t think I’d be able to buy my kids anything for Christmas three years ago. It was heart breaking,” he said. “I was pinching every penny and it broke my heart. I wanted to be able to help those who can’t help themselves.”

More, Booker said he sees too much negativity on social media, and he wanted to turn people’s thoughts to more positive things.

“A lot of people talk a lot on Facebook, spread a lot of hate,” he continued. “Negative energy floods my timeline every single day. I wanted to do something positive for the community.”

How the recipient families will be chosen will stem from the nominations of donors who contribute at least $10. Booker said he’s trusting people to use the honor system so that families who really deserve the community’s support get it. He will announce the chosen families Dec. 22 on video and on the Rapcine Facebook page.

“It’s too hard to restrict who can or can’t qualify so yes, this is 100 percent the honor system,” he explained.

By tying the nomination to a contribution, though, Booker believes the nominations will be heartfelt and sincere.

If donations rise above $500, the goal is to make Christmas special for additional families. How many families will depend on how much more over the original $500 is raised; $750 will mean three families and $1,000 will mean five families will each receive $200.

Booker plans to accompany the families on their shopping trips to document what he hopes will be all the joy the Christmas season is supposed to bring.

“We will accompany the winners to the store and document the entire event for all to see the joy we’ve brought to the families! Let’s come together and make this the most amazing Christmas ever for as many families as we can raise money for!” he wrote on the fundraising page.

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