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Abandoned Haunted House in Mount Pleasant has been scaring the pants off visitors since it opened in 2012 and owners are hoping to expand the thrills and chills into an 8-acre cornfield behind their building.

Owners Corey Stephens and Matt Mars told The Journal Times they plan to use just over half of the field for their Stalker Haunted Cornfield. If approved by the Mount Pleasant planning commission Wednesday, the haunted cornfield would open next Halloween.

The cornfield will not be a maze, the story continues. Instead, it will be a guided tour much like the haunted house is and can be a separate visit or an add-on to Abandoned.

Abandoned Haunted House typically opens the last weekend in September and remains open through Halloween. The cornfield will be a weather-dependent attraction.

Stephens and Mars told the newspaper they welcomed 10,000 visitors this year and hope to see even more growth next year with the addition of the haunted cornfield.

Abandoned is located at 2825 SE Frontage Road.

Abandoned Haunted House

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