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Kringle board


The Racine area’s famous Kringle – and Wisconsin’s Official State Pastry – finally got its delicious closeup on “CBS Sunday Morning” on Sunday, Dec. 13.

Correspondent Vinita Nair and a crew took viewers on behind-the-scenes tours of three Kringle bakeries: Bendtsen’s Bakery, Larsen Bakery and O&H Danish Bakery. The approximately 3.5-minute minute story shows how butter, flour and numerous filings come together to make an incredibly popular pastry treat.

The story includes a brief history of the Danish bakery culture and interviews with bakers Ben Bendtsen, Eric Olesen and Don Hutchinson.

For more on “The Kringle: A Sweet Wisconsin Favorite” click HERE.

(Photo: Kringle serving board courtesy of Kringle Etc.)

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