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Two churches sold and We Energies bought another home in Caledonia among the $5 million in property that changed hands between Dec. 7 and Dec. 11, according to Racine County property transfer records.

Our Savior’s Lutheran Church of Racine, 2219 Washington Ave., sold to Kenosha-based catering and banquet facility Circa on Seventh LLC for $325,000.

Keith Meyer, whose wife Kathy Meyer owns Circa on Seventh, said their intention is to take out the pews and turn the building into a banquet and catering facility.

“We ran across this church and we just fell in love with it,” he said.

They hope to be open by Sept. 2016. We’ll have more information on Thursday.

Other highlights include:

  • The Bruce J. and Sandra K. Nielsen Joint Revocable Trust sold a residential home located at 5510 7 Mile Road to We Energies for $325,400. Over the years, the utility has purchased 27 properties in Caledonia that are near the Oak Creek power plant, 4801 E. Elm Rd in Oak Creek, according to Racine County records.
  • The former Jehovah’s Witness building located at 3309 Kearney Ave. was sold to Little Macedonia Church of God in Christ Inc. for $190,000.
  • Among the 36 properties, 15 were sold for less than $100,000, 14 sold for more than $100,000 and less than $200,000, and seven sold for more than $200,000.
Schultz, Ernest; Dolan, Melody; Schultz, Carter; Kirby, Dee Pincolic, John; Pincolic, Christina 2510 Noelle Ct. Caledonia $ 189,000.00
Linden, Thomas Heicher, Joshua; Lipson, Lyndsey 2535 Noelle Ct. Caledonia $ 198,000.00
MK/S-EP, LLC Bobber, Matthew; Bobber, Jill 9715 Prairie Crossing Dr. Caledonia $ 287,200.00
Narvaez, Albin; Narvaez, Ana Russell, David 6911 Beechnut Dr. Caledonia $ 315,000.00
The Bruce J. and Sandra K. Nielsen Joint Revocable Trust Wisconsin Electric Power Company 5510 Seven Mile Rd. Caledonia $ 325,400.00
The Estate of Walter W. Schultz Ama Properties, LLC 1209 Summerset Dr. Mount Pleasant $ 10,000.00
The Baker Trust Carleton, James; Carleton, Cindy 6520 Mariner Dr., Unit 204 Mount Pleasant $ 62,500.00
The Estate of Frances C. Poulsen Grandville Investments LLC 1156 N. Sunnyslope Dr., #207 Mount Pleasant $ 70,000.00
Udulutch Trust Home, Patty; Home, Carolyn 1732 Summerset Dr., Unit 102 Mount Pleasant $ 115,000.00
Wade, Bernard; Wade, Myrtle Neveri, Daniel 2404 N. Emmertsen Rd. Mount Pleasant $ 118,900.00
Hansen, Scott; Hansen, Eric Arrdondo, Raymond; Arredondo, Teresa 438 S. Newman Rd. Mount Pleasant $ 120,000.00
Kral, Jason Singh, Mandip; Singh, Juliette 4140 Spring St. Mount Pleasant $ 146,000.00
J.J. and V.K. Gill 1991 Revocable Trust Simon, Robert; Simon, Barbara 3841 Indiana Ln. Mount Pleasant $ 180,000.00
JMDEX, LLC Little Macedonia Church of God in Christ, Inc. 3309 Kearney Ave. Mount Pleasant $ 190,000.00
Dunnett, Ronald V. Hart, John Edwin 720 Eighth St. Racine $ 26,000.00
Tri City National Bank Martinez, Antonio 3606 Washington Ave. Racine $ 29,000.00
Harbour Portfolio VI, LP Headlands Asset Management, Fund III, Series E, LP 2013 Saint Clair St. Racine $ 29,400.00
Tri City National Bank R&N Investments and Holdings, LLC 1110 Hayes Ave. Racine $ 30,000.00
Wilmington Savings Fund Society Cabrera, Perla 3011 21st St. Racine $ 34,900.00
Cremer, Suzanne Lazarevic, Slobodan 2009 Erie St. Racine $ 43,100.00
CitiMortgage, Inc. The Secretary of Housing and Urban Development 1657 Chatham St. Racine $ 44,500.00
Johnson, George; Albo, Kimberly Griffin, Rhonda 1535 Boyd Ave. Racine $ 53,000.00
The Estate of Thomas B. Owen Smith, Richard; Smith, Ann 1332 West Lawn Ave. Racine $ 60,000.00
Coffey, Mary Ann Phuong Tang, Jenny 2919 Old Mill Dr. Racine $ 75,000.00
Flagstar Bank, FSB The Secretary of Housing and Urban Development 1661 Echo Ln. Racine $ 75,700.00
Mason, Maggie Wilma Erby, John 2001 Racine St. Racine $ 100,000.00
Mitchell, Donald Peet, Charles 2912 Bate St. Racine $ 105,000.00
Fisher, Farrell Hermans, Andrew 3615 Astoria Dr. Racine $ 111,500.00
Lauf, Ryan; Lauf, Samantha Kreier, Ailene 2906 Rosalind Ave. Racine $ 115,000.00
Kruse, Kelly; Kruse, Kevin DeBona, Dean 2707 Charles St. Racine $ 116,900.00
Our Savior’s Lutheran Church of Racine Circa on Seventh, LLC 2219 Washington Ave. Racine $ 325,000.00
Goller, James Urban, Kyle 5608 W. Peninsula Dr. Town of Waterford $ 209,000.00
Milinski, Robert; Milinski, Irene Toner, Justen 29033 War Bonnet Ln. Town of Waterford $ 834,000.00
Pipkin, Taelor; Pipkin, Michele Pipkin, Taelor; Albrecht, Alexander 5023 Valley Trail Wind Point $ 95,000.00
The Estate of Alfred E. Kilsdonk Shoniwa, Collete 126 W. Campus Ct. Wind Point $ 145,000.00
Granite, Richard; Granite, Susan Costabile, Joseph; Costabile, Jacquelyn 5 Maplewood Ct. Wind Point $ 281,500.00

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