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A Racine man whose license was revoked drove anyway, according to court records, and injured a child who went into the street.

Rickey Haynes

Rickey D. Haynes, 44, is charged with causing great bodily harm to another while driving with a revoked license and obstructing an officer.

According to the criminal complaint, police were called Wednesday to the 1900 block of State Street where a child had been hit by a car. Witnesses said the boy had run into the street, and been struck.

The boy’s leg was broken, and he was take to the emergency room for treatment.

The car witnesses said was involved was parked within view of the crash location. Haynes, the driver, had been handcuffed due to outstanding warrants, and the officer who initially spoke with him said he had lied about his identity, trying to avoid arrest.

Haynes told police one of the children in a group of about five people darted into traffic. H said he swerved to avoid the boy, but couldn’t.

The boy was ultimately taken to Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin for surgery on his broken leg.