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A Chicago man falsely used a physician’s information to get an allergy drug with codeine from pharmacies, according to a criminal complaint.

Jonathan Lloyd, 51, is charged with 32 crimes here after police say he was responsible for a string of fraudulent prescriptions. the charges include obtaining a controlled substance by fraud, personal identity theft, misdemeanor bail jumping and conspiring to possess non-narcotics with intent to deliver.

Lloyd was arrested Oct. 9, according to the criminal complaint, after police learned someone had been calling pharmacies in Wisconsin and giving an Illinois doctor’s name and identifying information to put through prescriptions for pickup. Pharmacists called the doctor’s office to confirm the medication needs, but was told by staff that no prescriptions had been authorized for the name that had been given to the pharmacy.

Investigators looked up the prescriptions for that medication that had been requested using that doctor’s information and found 18 prescriptions for that drug had been filled in the Racine and Kenosha area in September and October.

The doctor told investigators that he had been having problems with people using his name without his consent.

The pharmacies gave information to police about who had picked up the prescriptions, and the investigator believed Lloyd was the one picking up all the prescriptions.

Lloyd told police he borrowed money from “loan sharks” in Chicago, who told him he could settle his debt by getting fraudulent prescriptions filled in Wisconsin.