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localLocal news, and honest conversations matter. For business owners building relationships with that next customer does too.

But we’ve noticed that many of our clients post events and promotions on Facebook.

We love Facebook…don’t get us wrong. But that got us thinking about the power of our audience on the Racine County Eye and the value that it offers our advertisers. By relying only on Facebook, you are not reaching every customer that you can.

Organic search on Facebook is dwindling and being Racine County’s go to place for news, events and all things local has never been more important to our businesses.

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Brian Boland, who works at Facebook, said the reason the social media giant limited organic reach was to create a better user experience. That’s great for them, but not if you are trying to market your business.

Fans may represent your best customers, but it’s important to note that they don’t represent all of your customers or potential customers,” wrote Brian Boland, who works at Facebook.

But thousands of people already look to the Racine County Eye as an authoritative source and expanding our business directory helps local businesses get discovered organically by a local audience.

Still, reaching that audience through Facebook is a mixed bag.

Even with our own site, 60 percent of our traffic comes from Facebook and if we relied only on Facebook we’d be leaving 40 percent of our 50,000 plus monthly audience on the table. Facebook also prefers showing posts from businesses that have a high number of likes, comments and shares because those are posts that offer quality content and a relevant audience. We already have that reach with our 10,000 plus strong Facebook page, which advertisers can easily tap into with our ability to share their events and promotions through our business directory, our ads, and our newsletter.

Bottom line: Businesses need to connect organically with a local audience that is relevant to them.

Scott Barnett, who owns the business directory Bizyhood, said marketing on Facebook has become easier and harder.

“Harder is you want to reach people organically – it’s actually nearly impossible. Easier if you want to pay to target certain people – their ‘targeted marketing’ is very sophisticated,” Barnett said. “As a small business I could say on Facebook ‘send this post to all women between 21-34 years old in Racine County who like Adele.’ But that’s one post. What about being able to target that demographic (and others) in Racine County through YOUR site. ALL THE TIME. That’s what you are/will be able to do.”

And that’s why we are using Bizyhood to help our businesses connect organically with the audience you need.

So claim your business page and get found today. And if you sign-up for six months of our pro ($30/month) or premium ($50/month), we’ll only charge you for five months.

Denise Lockwood has an extensive background in traditional and non-traditional media. She has written for, the Milwaukee Business Journal, Milwaukee Magazine and the Kenosha News.