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rsz_20151221_083748We asked our Facebook audience on Friday what was the worst present they received and their answers were priceless.

But we need you to decide the best answer. The person with the most votes will receive a present from the Racine County Eye. And we’re absolutely sure that it’s better than the one they received.

And if you’ve got a better story, feel free to add it to our poll.

Melissa Young Schroeder My mother-in-law wrapped up and gave me her old, very, VERY used soup ladle because it matched my dishes… kind of… Along with a recipe for “real” chicken soup because I don’t put broken chicken bones in mine.

Jude Treleven When I was first married… a meat grinder from my mother-in-law because my husband liked ground baloney.

Monica Mikus Got a cheap piece of jewelry once from an old boyfriend.

Dawn Yanke I really don’t remember getting anything I didn’t like. I may have been disappointed because I didn’t get what I wanted though. Probably the worst though would have to be the gift card for the NBA store. I do not like basketball so I didn’t know what to do with it. I ended up trading it to someone for their gift, which I believe were candles.

Lisa Seils I know he meant well , because we have a small farm and already had one that was getting badly worn out….so hubby bought me a manure cart for christmas,,,yep

Suzanna Itzenhuiser A scrub brush for the dishes from an ex

Michael Moes A Chia pet… from my Dad after 15 years of not seeing or hearing from him… Actually my brother snuck it under the tree with the label reading To: Mike From: Dad… So I open it up and its a damn Chia Pet and I go “What the hell” why would he give me a Chia Pet? … So I look at my brother Jeff and he says… “Maybe its his way of saying sorry for not being there to watch you grow and mature and this is a new beginning” (Now remember my brother snuck it under the tree and is known for his pranks)… I said “BS!” you did this didn’t you… The whole family just started laughing and laughing my Mom literally fell out of her chair … tears in my eyes right now writing this… Chia Pet, new beginning… SMH…LOL…

Starlet Hope Makela My sister came over one Christmas eve and realizing she forgot a present, she ran out to her car, brought in this beautiful gift bag, tore off the tag (it had been given to her by her friend at a party earlier that night), and handed me the present and said “merry Christmas’. I know why she gave it to me, it was a purse even my mother would roll her eyes at.
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Denise Lockwood has an extensive background in traditional and non-traditional media. She has written for, the Milwaukee Business Journal, Milwaukee Magazine and the Kenosha News.