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A Racine man driving away from an officer hit 100 mph, police say, before coming to a stop early Saturday morning.

Dwight A. Wilson Jr., 31, was spotted at 2:20 a.m. Saturday by an officer on patrol near the intersection of Dwight WilsonHighway 38 and 6 1/2 Mile Road. The driver accelerated as the officer got closer, according to the criminal complaint, speeding up to 90 mph before stopping at 6 Mile Road and Majestic Drive.

Wilson told the officer he sped up because he was afraid of the car coming behind him. While the officer was next to Wilson’s car, he reports, Wilson put the vehicle in gear and drove off, almost running over the officer’s foot.

Police again pursued, this time tracking him at speeds of more than 100 mph as he drove toward the intersection of 6 Mile Road and Highway 31. Wilson continued to flee, going through a stop sign and red traffic light, and driving into a field before being located on Prince Drive and then held at gunpoint.

Police took him to the hospital for field sobriety tests. A preliminary breath sample showed an alcohol concentration of 0.135. The legal limit is 0.08. He told police he had been drinking in Milwaukee, and had two beers and between five and six whiskey drinks.

Wilson has been charged with drunken driving, driving with a revoked license and recklessly endangering safety.