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A Racine man was arrested Sunday for drunken driving with a child in the vehicle, following a hit-and-run crash. It was the man’s fifth drunken driving charge.

Antonio E. Arebalo Jr., 46, is accused of colliding with another vehicle near the intersection of Ohio Street and Antonio ArebaloWashington Avenue shortly before 5 p.m., and then leaving the scene. The other driver followed Arebalo to the 2400 block of South Green Bay Road, and then called police.

Arebalo admitted to officers that he was involved in a crash, according to the criminal complaint filed against him in Racine County Circuit Court.

Police believe he deviated from his lane, causing the crash, and that he was driving with a revoked license. Officers found his two children – born in 2008 and 2009 – in the back seat of his vehicle.

He failed field sobriety tests, and was taken for a blood alcohol test.