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**Editor’s Note: The Letter to the Editor was submitted by Mount Pleasant Village Board candidate John Martini, M.D.

Citizens of Mt. Pleasant,

My name is Dr. John Martini, I am running for Mt. Pleasant Village Board of Trustees in seat #6.
I am a life-long resident of Racine County and I have lived in Mt. Pleasant for more than 13 years. I have practiced medicine in SE Wisconsin for 23 years and I currently serve as a hospitalist and Chaplin in Kenosha.
I have experienced misgivings about how business is conducted in Mt. Pleasant, but as a resident of Hwy V, I have seen first-hand how a village can turn its back on residents and hide behind rules and regulations while it breaks those rules when no one is watching.
My opponent for seat #6 represents those trustees who have put their own power before residents interests. She has voted 100% of the time with them and become a rubberstamp for measures that have decreased village services while it raises taxes.
My opponent voted to give 6 months of severance pay to department heads fired in the village. A “golden parachute” no other municipality offers. She moved to place her own brother on a village commission with no discussion or recommendation by the members of the commission, while she moved to block the all nominations of the current village president.
My opponent moved to eliminate her own technology committee, without discussion or input. This committee was charged with making digital information more accessible to staff and residents. In a digital age, nothing could be more important.

I seek to bring a set of listening ears and a Chaplin’s spirit to the board. The primary election on February 16th will be vitally important. It is an opportunity to remove trustees who are not listening or working for the people of Mt. Pleasant and give our community a real choice in the general election on April 5th.
All the challenging candidates for seats #2 and #6 are worthy for consideration.  I thank my fellow villagers for your thoughtful consideration.

Dr. John A. Martini, M.D.