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Three Racine teenagers are facing felony armed robbery charges after police say they jumped a couple Sunday afternoon and stole several items from them.

Eric Espinoza, 17; Joshua Gonzalez-Osorio, 17; and Davell Lee, 16, were charged Monday in Racine County Teens charged with robberyCircuit Court with a variety of felony and misdemeanor charges, including robbery with the use of force, battery, and bail jumping.

According to the criminal complaint, a teenage couple Sunday shortly around 12:30 p.m. visited Nick’s Supermarket on Douglas Avenue. When they exited the store they witnessed the defendants outside the store. One of the teens tried to engage the boy, but the couple kept walking. After they turned onto Superior Street they noticed the defendants were following them, but the girl said the trio was right behind them once the couple turned onto Hamilton Street.

Police say Espinoza and Gonzalez-Osorio were close to Lee when he walked up to the boy and asked what was in his pockets. Lee then reached into the boy’s jacket pocket and removed his wireless speaker before all three defendants began punching and kicking the boy. When the girl tried to intervene, Espinoza punched her in the face, knocking her to the ground.

When the girl jumped up, she noticed her purse was missing, the complaint reads, and the defendants took off running westbound. The boy told police the trio took his hat and his speaker. He had visible bruising on his face and neck, and the girl had a rip in her jeans and an abrasion on her right knee.

Officers say the couple said they could identify at least two of the suspects – Lee and Espinoza – and that they might be gang members. All three were found at Lee’s home a short time after the incident. Both Espinoza and Gonzalez-Osorio admitted to police during questioning that they jumped the boy and stole his speaker and hat and that Espinoza hit the girl and took her purse. Lee refused to give any statements to police.

All three remain in the Racine County Jail; Espinoza on $20,000 cash bond total from this case and several bail jumping charges because he was out on bond for three separate felonies, Lee on $7,500 cash bond, and Gonzalez-Osorio on $3,000 cash bond. They will next be in court on the robbery charges Jan. 14 for their preliminary hearings.