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Area police say a 23-year-old man continues driving despite having a drunk driving related license revocation and is now facing jail time and potentially hefty fines.

Ein Weil, of Racine, was charged Wednesday in Racine County Circuit Court with four misdemeanor charges ofEin Weil operating a motor vehicle with a revoked driver’s license and one misdemeanor count of obstruction. If convicted, he faces more than four years in prison and/or up to $20,000 in fines.

According the criminal complaints against him, Weil lost his license for six months because of a drunk driving conviction but continued to drive. He was pulled over last September in Caledonia because officers ran his plates, and they came back with an expired registration.

Police say they also pulled Weil over on November 16 and 20 in Racine and Mount Pleasant, respectively. He was charged again with operating a motor vehicle with a revoked driver’s license. Then, on January 6, officers attempted to locate Weil at his residence to take him into custody on warrants stemming from his previous incidents.

When officers arrived at Weil’s home, they witnessed a man pulling out of the driveway in a Dodge Dakota, the same vehicle associated with Weil, the complaint reads. The driver stopped the car in response to police activating the lights on their squad, but gave officers a different name and birthdate that checked out despite the man not having any identification on him.

Still, police pulled up a booking photo of Weil and say they determined that he was the one behind the wheel. He was taken into custody and booked into the Racine County Jail.

Weil remains in the Racine County Jail on a $100 cash bond and will next be in court Feb. 4 for a pre-trial conference.