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The police departments in Mount Pleasant and the City of Racine both welcomed new officers this week.

In Mount Pleasant, five new officers were sworn in Thursday, bringing the ranks of sworn officers there to 48. Four of the five begin police academy training Monday, and the fifth new officer has already completed his education and will immediately go into field training.

The new officers are:

  • Jared Smetana
  • Drew Wroblewski
  • Malcom Kelly
  • Garret Ostergaard
  • Steven Riegelman


New MPPD officers January 2016

Six new officers Jan. 4 joined the ranks in Racine, and nine officers were promoted into new positions.

New Racine Police Officers January 2016

New officers:

  • Dana L. Andersen
  • Don Lewis
  • Jacob Mauer
  • Colin Powell
  • Kathy Rovik
  • John Wagner


  • Officer Wade Helding, promoted to Investigator
  • Officer Andrew Matson, promoted to Investigator
    • Officer Justin Koepnick, promoted to Investigator
    • Officer Robert Rasmussen, promoted to Investigator
    • Officer Ryan Comstock, promoted to Sergeant
    • Officer Thomas Riegelman, promoted to Sergeant
    • Investigator Lennot Webb, promoted to Sergeant
    • Investigator Kurt Meyer, promoted to Sergeant
    • Sergeant Michael Smith, promoted to Lieutenant


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