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Temperatures are dipping dangerously low, and windchills are going well below zero for at least the next couple of days.

According to the meteorologists at CBS 58 News, windchills will get as low as -12 early Monday and temperatures will only rise to about 16 by 1 p.m. Windchills by that point will still be bitterly cold, hovering around 4 degrees.

Overnight Monday into Tuesday will be much the same; bitter cold and dangerous windchills followed by another freezing day with highs only reaching about 12 degrees. There is also the possibility of light snow Tuesday morning, the forecast continues.

Wednesday is a three-peat; daytime temps will only get to about 17 after overnight lows that make being outside with exposed skin extremely dangerous.

When temperatures get this low, it’s important to make sure children who walk to school are dressed properly; hats, mittens, heavy coats, and boots.

Pets should also be watched closely and not be left outside for any length of time beyond dogs having to relieve themselves. Make sure they have clean drinking water inside because eating snow does not provide the right amount of hydration.